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Edureka is a leading Edutech company with learning solutions for domestic and international students. Ubona helped Edureka in seamless transformation from cloud based calling system to an on premise solution which has helped them with superior call quality, better call connectivity, extensive analytics and reporting, Seamless integration with their internal and external CRM (Zoho) at a reduced cost.
Problems solved for Edureka:
  • Call connectivity
  • Call quality
  • Customized reporting and analytics
  • Reduced international and domestic calling cost

How we helped a large health insurance company hit the ground running with policy issuance by automating PIVC


One of the largest health insurance companies in India traditionally employed hundreds of call centre executives to make the mandatory pre-issuance verification call (PIVC) to policy proposers. On this call, their executives asked customers questions related to their health or that of family members to ascertain if additional check-ups or doctor consultations were necessary before they could be issued health policies. The insurer needed a more efficient solution for PVIC.


The insurer faced losses from delays in carrying out PIVC even after applications had been submitted by prospective customers. Their business also suffered as each PVIC lasted 7-10 minutes, further delaying the process of issuing policies. During the pandemic, while there was a massive surge in policy issuance, the company battled manpower issues along with problems arising out of work-from-home scenarios.


Our automated conversational bot solution streamlined the PIVC process. It ensured that a call was made to the policy proposer as soon as an application was registered in the system, enabling the insurer to issue a policy immediately. Our intelligent system asked policy proposers all relevant health questions and captured responses before deciding if a policy could be issued directly or the customers needed to go for additional health screenings. The calls followed all insurance guidelines and were recorded for regulatory purposes. Our solution made this service available to the company in multiple Indian languages, thereby increasing its customer base and revenues.


No need to deploy more manpower to handle larger loads
No need to deploy more manpower to handle larger loads
Business planning for PIVC is much simpler now
Business planning for PIVC is much simpler now
Streamlines operations – 1
Automation offers 96% contactability and 70% conversion
Cost of PVIC using Ubonas system is a fraction of that incurred using call centre agents
Cost of PVIC using Ubona’s system is a fraction of that incurred using call centre agents


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    February 24, 2020

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      February 24, 2020

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