Automating timely collections

Ubona’s Call logger solution deployed in large organizations like Flipkart & PhonePe helps such companies to replace costly logger solutions from companies in the space. Ubona’s logger comes with unique distributed call center recording solution with a centralized view to search and download call recordings which an ease of use.
Problems solved in call logger space:
  • Vendor independent solution
  • Centralized control on call data in the most cost effective way
  • Scalable and distributed architecture
  • provides comprehensively collected call logs to implement call tagging and speech analytics

How our conversational visual IVR bot helped a mega insurance company up their game on premium payment


One of India’s largest life insurance providers, focusing on aggressive growth with differentiated customer service, traditionally incurred huge costs while reaching out to customers every month for payment and renewal reminders through manpower-intensive BPOs. Even as agents engaged with customers, there was no guarantee of smooth collection or reduction in follow-ups. The insurer needed a long-term and efficient solution.


The insurer had been incurring huge operational costs due to the time taken by call centre executives to follow up and service customers for payment and renewal reminders. They needed an end-to-end technology platform with no manual intervention to significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency with better resolution rates and higher revenues.


We provided the company our flagship product — the automated conversational visual IVR bot. We enabled the organisation to scale quickly without getting into the complex planning of hiring or training call centre executives. Our integrated solution enabled the insurer to intelligently reach out to customers, answer all queries related to the renewal process accurately, and guide them comprehensively to make payments — all in a completely automated and smooth manner through a single call. Our solution led to better customer experience, hence greater customer loyalty and increased revenue for the company.


Better resolution rates with quicker and efficient results
Better resolution rates, reduced operational costs, higher revenues
Significantly better KPIs across all dimensions
Significantly better KPIs across all dimensions
85% contactability
85% contactability; 24% jump in collections for pre-due and grace; 21% jump for lapse buckets over existing resolution rates
Interacts with customers in their native languages
Interaction with customers in their native languages


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