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Enterprise-ready, scalable innovations

We marry highly scalable technology with intelligent automation to architect systems that can meet all your customer-experience challenges. With data-derived decisions and razor-sharp security, we fast-track your digital transformation and make your enterprise future-ready.
Contact center solution
Automated visual IVR
conversational AI bot
Multimedia cloud telephony with voice, video & virtual number
All IP telephony
Call recording
Contact center solution

Contact center solution

Our comprehensive platform supports all aspects of present-day customer communication needs — outbound, inbound, IVR, automation, scale, and flexibility. It is a next-generation solution that propels your existing contact operations to the next level, removing bottlenecks — such as inflexibility, non-extensibility, and costly customization — encountered with previous generation on-site call centers.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Inbound and outbound
  • Specially designed for virtual enterprises/call centers
  • Intelligent IVR with speech recognition
  • 100% call recording
  • Agent management from easy-to-use interface
  • Campaign management and disposition
  • Scalable and robust – capability to handle 10,000 concurrent calls
  • Flexible call routing, sticky agents
  • Mobile agents
  • Complete reporting – live and offline with customization options
  • Support for flexible deployment topologies
  • Rapid deployment
Automated visual IVR

Automated visual IVR

Our automated visual IVR is the first-ever cloud solution with a simple interface that empowers your customers to complete their transactions and interactions in an entirely automated manner. This self-service customer experience adds great value to your business with quick verifications and closures.

  • Supports all Indian languages
  • Combines voice, data, payment, and video to deliver comprehensive interaction experience
  • Intuitive, friendly, and smooth user interface with guidance
  • End-to-end automation
  • Enables digital payment, verification, and authentication on call
  • Empowers service provider with visibility and control
  • Automated intelligent retries with analytics
  • State-of-the-art recognition technologies
  • Easy and quick integration with enterprise applications for complete automation
  • No downloading required
  • Infinitely scalable and improves with time
  • Comprehensive recording, control, reports, and analytics
  • Used for inbound and outbound calls
conversational AI bot

Automated conversational AI bot

Remind your customers about pending payment, seek their reason for calling or non-payment, secure a promise-to-pay confirmation, or set up an appointment using our automated conversational AI. Various bots engage with your customers at different stages and, depending on specific situations, connect them with real agents for the best possible resolutions.

  • Scalable solution to implement intelligent and automated agents to address needs of calling customers
  • Trained with domain-specific knowledge to understand and respond accordingly
  • Connects customers with the right agents after gauging their requirements, bypassing traditional DTMF-based IVR menu
  • Provides detail logs, reports, and analytics
  • Used for inbound and outbound calls
  • Intuitive voice prompts for the best customer experience
  • Supports all Indian languages
Multimedia cloud telephony with voice, video & virtual number

Multimedia cloud telephony with voice, video & virtual number

Define your customer experience with custom contact management processes that combine telephony, web interactions, and video. Our secure, scalable, and robust multimedia cloud telephony can be mounted within days for different flows. It supports millions of calls with rich interactions for CoD verification, duplicate order cancellation, video call between buyer and seller, number masking call between delivery executive and customer, video consultation between doctor and patient, and many more.

  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Virtual number including 1800
  • Flexible to implement any customer flow in all Indian languages
  • Call recording with video
  • Intelligent recognition
  • Complete reporting – live and offline with customization options
  • High-quality prompts
  • Video compatibility on all smartphones
All IP telephony

All IP telephony

If you are a mobile app provider, use our leading-edge telephony and bypass problems of traditional voice networks such as restrictions on DND numbers, fear of numbers getting marked as spam, high call charges, investment in infrastructure, and number misuse.

  • Automated and assisted
  • Audio and multimedia
  • Best narrowband codec
  • Backup using traditional voice
  • Speech recognition
  • Fine-grained, granular control
  • Secure and certified
  • Small footprint
  • Reporting and analytics
Call recording

Call recording

Our call recording is super compatible with all prevalent customer care platforms — Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys. Generate customer calls and capture information with increased cost-efficiency, either in a distributed network or your own enterprise environment through ready-to-use adapters.

  • Reporting, search, management, and centralized control on call data
  • comprehensive call logs to implement tagging and speech analytics
  • Supports SIP, H.323 & TDM
  • High call volumes in distributed architecture
  • Active (selected stream) and passive (network traffic) recording
  • Business-specific total call, on-demand, scheduled, and triggered recording
  • Call metadata tagging
  • G.711, G.729, and G.722 audio codecs