Enabling 24×7 support for merchants

Ubona’s outbound dialer solution solved Swiggy’s massive problem of reaching out to their customers and restaurants in an automated manner saving time of manual calling agents. Ubona’s solution helped save 40% of Swiggy’s operations cost on monthly recurring basis with enhanced customized features and value adds.
Problems solved for Swiggy:
  • Parallel automated calling to large set of customers at any given point in time
  • Automated system driven rule bases IVRs based on use cases
  • 360 degree integration with Swiggy’s CRM and reporting systems
  • 99.99% uptime

How our central cloud telephony helped India’s largest consumer bank to provide seamless and round-the-clock support across cities in local languages


India’s largest consumer bank headquartered in Mumbai provides innovative payment solutions and financial services for merchants across the country. As traders in every city reaped the benefits of POS systems, electronic data capture (EDC) machines, paper roll for EDC machines, credit and loan management, they also required continuous customer support.


Merchants were happy to use the bank’s products that offered their businesses the ease of accepting and processing payments in a manner that worked for them as well as their customers. However, they increasingly felt the need for immediate support from the bank in their own cities and in languages they were comfortable with.


We fulfilled the requirement of merchants for customer support with a 24×7 inbound and outbound call center product from a centrally managed cloud network. Our solution enabled the bank’s city-level operations to run in the most seamless manner while adhering to timelines and regulatory guidelines.


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Merchant calls are handled through local numbers using native language-enabled IVR
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Calls are automatically distributed, based on caller requirements, to nearest contact center agents
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All operations are managed from a central cloud telephony, providing the flexibility to resolve issues from any location within Indian
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New branch addition can be enabled in the product in the order of minutes


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