Crediting customer acceptance

Ubona’s Cloud based managed services platform today servers millions of calls every day for it’s clients whether it is order confirmation call, order status related call, payment refund status or reminder for repayment of EMI amount, every use case is handled by Ubona’s platform in an automated manner with precise time of call enabling better call pickup and with best in class IVR experience for customers.
Problems solved in automated outbound calling space:
  • Dynamic IVRs based on business rules and use cases
  • Improve in call pickup rate
  • Integration with APIs for both calling as well as response at runtime
  • Dynamic reporting with 360 degree view

How we helped a large bank onboard customers for their various products and boosted acceptance with welcome call


India’s largest private sector bank onboards millions of customers every month for a variety of products, ranging from credit cards to loans. This meant having in place a seamless customer onboarding process to help users understand their products and use them easily. Although they were managing to engage through contextual communication, the sheer size of their customer base spurred the need for a more scalable and efficient solution.


The bank, with a fast-growing customer base, found it difficult to keep their two-way communication going with customers. They also faced the huge challenge of limited coverage from third-party service providers. An expanding list of dormant customers added to their woes. The bank greatly felt the need for an effective way to communicate the benefits of their offerings to both their new and old customers.


We solved the bank’s problem by providing their customers a complete digital experience. Our visual IVR-driven engagement platform simplified and expedited the two-way communication during the onboarding process for customers of various digital products such as credit/debit cards and EMI. Our solution helped the bank engage effectively with customers to explain the features and benefits of the products they had signed up for. It succeeded in keeping customers engaged, leading to greater proactive acceptance of the bank’s offerings.


Customer onboarding solutions for all products and programs
Customer onboarding solutions for all products and programs
1 million customers onboarded every month
1 million customers onboarded every month
Pan-India monthly collection target of INR 150-200 crores
Solution deployed pan-India
Massive reactivation of dormant customers
Massive reactivation of dormant customers

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