Image recognition

  • Cloud-based image recognition technology to match a mobile photograph with millions of target pictures within a short time
  • Fast and accurate image-matching technology that is robust against glare, rotation, crop, perspective, and blur.
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Audio fingerprinting

  • Cutting-edge acoustic fingerprinting technology to identify music or song belonging to any genre or language
  • Specifically designed to withstand environmental noises and distortions linked with feature-phone recordings
  • Architected to deliver unparalleled scalability and performance with high precision
  • Audio-matching technology to identify music and advertisement
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Speaker verification

  • Next-generation solution to identify and authenticate
    customers using voice biometrics
  • Designed to retrieve voice characteristics – independent
    of speech, accent, and call quality – for verification in a fast and scalable manner
  • Authentication via free speech and passphrase
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Speech analytics

  • Intelligent system that identifies the topics of interest from speech files
  • Allows drilldown for further analysis
  • Supports detection of audio characteristics to interpret emotional cues for quality assurance purposes
  • Analyzes live or recorded calls
  • Provides performance insights
  • Improves contact center performance
  • Reduces call volumes
  • Improves sales and increases savings across functions
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Passive call recording

  • No-touch passive call recording by analyzing VoIP packets in the network
  • Highly scalable and supports all call scenarios
  • Open and customizable
  • Captures data, voice, audio, and video information without interfering with calls
  • Easy installation and administration
  • Integrable and interoperable
  • Enables call monitoring and tracing; detects/prevents malicious calls
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Video stack

  • End-to-end video telephony with recording, security, snapshot, and interactivity
  • Engineered for extreme scalability and quick turnaround
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Secure payment

  • Payment stack that meets all security standards
  • Optimized for mobile phones
  • Convenient and connected method in telesales and call centers for payment collection
  • Smooth and seamless settlement on phone with all payment instruments, including smooth UPI flow
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Guided web browsing

  • Voice-assisted co-browsing technology to guide customers to complete their transactions
  • Differentiated customer experience
  • Real-time end-to-end assistance
  • No downloads, installations, or plugins
  • State-tracked and secure
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Natural language processing and intent

  • Works in addition to speech recognition to create domain-specific vocabulary for the most effective conversation and intent detection
  • Infinitely scalable and improves with time
  • Detail logs, reports, and analytics
  • Extendable
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Speech recognition

  • State-of-the-art solution to understand what customers say using even basic phones
  • Designed to withstand high ambient noise and accent variations in telephony
  • Supports all Indian languages and open for extension
  • Built to deliver best-in-class accuracy and performance
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